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"In times of darkness, the light shall fade. Gone for the moment, shadow obeyed."




Age Unknown, appears to be in early twenties
Sex Male
Height 6'4
Weight 186 lbs.
Hair Color Straight white hair to the small of his back
Eye Color Emerald green with crimson pupils
Race Human (Fonce`Diables)
Profession Fighter/Bard
Ethics Dark
God None
Pets Raven (Nitolas)
Levels 16/20 Fighter/Bard
Hit Points 184
Evade 70% Base
Hit 85% Base
Soak 55% Physical 45% All Magical
Attacks Per Round 3 Physical, 1 When using bard spell


Ability Scores

Strength 24
Dexterity 23
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 26
Charisma 24
Constitution 22



Type Type Type
Charm Herbalism Advanced Alchemy
Swordsmanship Dual Attack Seduction
Quickness Animal Friendship Battle Sense
Dual Steal Mysticality Alchemy
Reading/Writing Animal Friendship Dual Wield



Weapon Hit Effect
Natural Attacks Claws: 1d10+18 (Reduces Opponent's Soak by 15%)
Soul Blight Forged deep within the bowels of his castle by an unknown smith, the black blade of the dagger seems to absorb the very strength of whomever the wielder desires. The weapon itself deals 2d6+14 damage, while weakening the victim so that evade/hit are both reduced by 10%.
Orb of Putrescence The orb, a swirling mass of black and white contained within, can decay any organic target at a rate of 4d6 per round. When the victim has fallen to a state of death, the magical sphere also consumes the poor creature’s tortured soul….giving the wielder the knowledge and strength of the victim (except clerical characters).


Special Abilities

Ability Effect
Lightening Fast 3 attacks per round. Base speed is 90' per round, while exerted speed is 450' per round. Through the expenditure of precious blood and the forfeit of a single round, Ryence can raise his hit/evade percentages to their maximum
Animal Form Can turn into the largest version of any predatory animal
Summon Vermin Can summon 6d10 rodents, insects, snakes, etc.
Summon Wolves Summon 4d4 large wolves when in suitable environment
Control Animal Animal gets -14 wisdom check
Charm Person Person gets -12 wisdom check
Spider Climb Can climb sheer or slippery surfaces without penalty
Gaseous Form Can assume a gas state and escape from almost any environment
Regeneration 3hp per round, except sunlight/fire/acid damage
Immune to non-magical weapons Weapons not enchanted for additional damage cannot harm the Fonce
Immune to mind influencing spells Immune to sleep/charm/hold spells
Resistance to cold and electric spells Reduced to 1/2 damage
Invisibility At will, can pass through solid objects
Silent and untraceable movement Never makes noise, nor does he leave tracks
Wings Flight up to 600 feet, wings not always visible
Lingual expert Speaks any language
Ghoul creation Can make ghouls that are able to travel during the daylight hours. Ghouls are standard characters that CAN quest.
Telekinesis Can mentally lift several hundred pounds
Assume Identity Can assume the appearance of anyone he has -ever- laid eyes upon. The trick, however, can be dispelled by a cleric or mage of level 14 and above
Telepathy With anyone he desires, but always in effect with other Fonce
Knows all Fonce`Diables Contains knowledge of -all- his brethren and their pasts
Unmatchable beauty Enough to make any woman swoon


Special Weaknesses

Wounded/Affected By, Weakness Effect
Garlic Cannot come within 10' of source
Holy symbols held by a person of faith Driven back 15'
Touch of holy symbol 1d10 damage per level of bearer
Holy water 1d10 damage per level of cleric that blessed water
Holy weapons 1d6 extra damage
Holy ground 4d10 points of damage per round
Church/Temple shadow Cannot stand in the shadow of a church or temple, 1d10 points of damage per round
Sunlight 10d20 damage per round
Cannot enter another's domain Unable to enter the domain, carriage, or other enclosed property of a character without verbal or written invitation



Item Description

Robes of Impurity

The robes are lined with a mythril netting to supply the wearer with a physical soak percentage of 55. In addition, the cloth has been heavily enchanted to absorb 45% of all magic cast at the user, and reflect it at the caster for one-fourth damage. Several runes, written in crimson, adorn the sleeves of the garments; their dark powers forcing the spells of the light ethic to be reduced by 4 levels.


On-Person Items

Item Description
Tome of Ingmar Written long ago and since passed on to the present owner, who has added to the pages with his own script, the book can increase the power of bardic spells when the words within are read or sung aloud. The added effect is a total of 6d3 + 50% of the owner’s level.
Silver Choker Thin strand of pure silver that wraps around his throat
Shirts Various garments of nobility
Pants Various garments of nobility


In-Domain Items

Item Description
Unfathomable Riches Locked away deep within his home are various piles of gold, precious gems, platinum, silver, and other valuables
Non-magical but stylish weapons Many ancient weapons and antiques about the towers for decoration
Horses Numerous steeds upon the island of Nephari

Kainai Seeker. A devoted servant to Ryence, Kainai often performs duties for the Fonce during the daylight hours or when Ryence locks himself away in the Towers


The Carrekhalir Reliquary This personal chest can -only- be opened when the blood of the owner is spilled upon it. At times, this chest can be found traveling with its master, though the contents are unknown by most