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ďI am your father you shall walk with me through eternity. I bestow upon you the Onyx Shire Tower, and my love.Ē

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A recluse, a son never seen, kept himself in the Onyx Shire Towers on the island of Nephari. His father could not walk through eternity without him. His embrace was swift and he walked aside his father, but his eccentricity made him a collector of other Fonce`Diables.  Many nights he wrote prose, and literary works, locking him self away in the grand tower.

 Upon his fatherís death, the father of all Fonce`Diables, he was left a heritage to lead and teach. Ryence became so selective and eccentric that he began gathering Fonce to the Onyx Shire Towers to accompany and share each attribute he had seen in that  particular Fonce, which then became part of his unique collection. There are many books, written by Ryence now stored in the towers, along with an entourage of fellow Fonces visiting or living with him, those select few he has collected. He calls upon them for his own needs, which are usually daunting desires of the arts and passion.

 His private dwelling is one of magnificence, in the very top of the tower that looks over all of the Nephari Island. He has his own private chambers, but also a grand room where the few select are brought to share each and every art, or science they excel in. There are times he is thought to border on insanity being such a collector of his own race, but even his father the creator of each and every Fonce`Diables looked upon his sonís talents with pride.



Onyx Shire Towers:


The towers of the OnyxShire are deep in the jungles of the Island of Nephari. This island has more deadly Darkness than any part of Exodus, the earth seems alive and the jungle is so deep one would fair well finding their way out of it again. Few travelers that have been to the Tower describe it as made of pure black onyx. Each winding tier has a floor that is used for a different purpose.

 The Towers are said to be inhabited by Lord Delor, the chosen man to bring the dark race the Fonce`Diables into existence. On a night long ago, he and one of Gamori's high priests met in the dense jungle of the Nephari island. It was there that the priest blessed Lord Delor with the benefits of becoming the first of the Fonce`Diables. A short journey from the Towers will bring you to a castle named Fort Sharnameir hidden well from the view of the Asin Ocean.